February 25, 2011

cara mengaplikasikan peribahasa, melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya

assalamualaikum. hi ! i'm Rafif. i am a shuperhegho in this entry. whoww? the red one? oh! you just ignore her lah. she's just my assistant. every time and everywhere, she's alway follow my butt. huh! nyampah.


ok. because of my tak sedaq diri words, Nana want to teach me the lesson. 
housekeeping!!!!! ting tong! ting tong!
the A4 paper above are the list of works that me, the "baby", need to do for today.
yeahh. today only pleaseee.
oh Gosh. my ball, kete, and basikal, i'm gonna mishh you. 

sometimes, Nana became unreasonable. how come she can put the list-to-do at the same level of his eyes, while the level of my eyes is only below her punggung. cannot be cannot be.

first thing to do, mengomeh Nana's bed. everybody, close your eyes. imagine your Korean favorite artist.
waaaa~ lawanyaaaa. waaaa~ suwwittt..... i want no body no body but you!

ting! siappp!!!! Nana! are you satisfied??

nana: wow! camno ekaw buek ni apip?
apip: psstt. nana, sini, nak bisik jap. jangan panggil apip kat sini. nama tu tak commercial.
nana: oh!

second thing to do, organized all the stuffs on the table. while Nana snap the picture of the table before i give my touch, i know Nana smell something fishy. 

rafif!!!!! ( well, suara Nana menjerit, semua jiran dah kenal. ) hehe. i'm toooo excited with my upah lah Nana.

shhhhhhh. i want to keep my money on this tiny house, so that my uncle can't steal it.

this is the hardest part in my task today. boy room a.k.a computer room. hangers, t-shirts, dust and bla bla bla are just everywhere.

oh my uncle's, after this, please don't drink and surfing the internet.

organized the books. ( buku dah lebih dari rak buku )

remember, i'm ownwy one and a half. ehem!

last but not least, Belia Benci Dadah. nampak tak tu?? NO SMOKE!!! mula-mula hisap rokok, lepas tu hisap ganja. can you imagine when you become a drug addict? 

no life. 
no happiness.

so, today lesson are, do useful things, choose your right friend, and help your  ♥ly mother keep the house clean.


Izni said...

haha . cayalah apip help nana dia :)

nadia sallehudin said...

comel nye rafif..

Afeeqa said...

izni: apip kan rajin. hehe.

wan: well, baka baik. haha.

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