April 15, 2010


if u ♥ or a fans of KAMI movie, of course you will alert and saw a situation where the Manager holding a mug with a message - "QUALITY ONLY HAPPENS WHEN YOU CARE TO DO YOUR BEST"

if you have Buku Untuk Filem, KAMI, it is on page 67. ehem ! fans memang macam ni. ;)

Today, my group went to see our lecturer personally. This is because we are still blur with appropriate topic for our research project. so pity. i'm so sorry girls. i'm such a slow leader.

suddenly, i saw a blue mug on the table. with a message !


ok. otak i dah macam di recharge dengan semangat-semangat baru. mari menyiapkan assignment tertunggak.

thanks, words.


♥farra♥ said...

ceh.. semangat laa kunun.. ;p

Zua,and i talk football.all time. said...

wiwie ! blog baru x lawa ! yg lama lg lawaaa ! hehe !

Afeeqa said...

farra- semangat tau. ko xrasa. hehe.

zua- yeke? :(
tang mane yg xlawa tu?

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