October 30, 2009

Syampu saja?

syampu saja mana cukup.

did you know?

shampoo is excellent at cleaning. but when hair is wet, its outer layer becomes uneven which causes dullness, tangles and even breakage. conditioner coats your hair with nutrients to solve these problems and give you other benefits including better shine.

if you give a reason that you do not have so much time to spent for your hair, no more reason now when you only need 1 min to get the great hair with Sunsilk!

tak percaya kah?

ehem-ehem. i tell you how to do.

first, do you think 1 min was enough to soften your hair? the answer is, yes! you can. only 1 min for make your hair 3x softer smoother hair.

do you know how?

here i share with you some tip.

firstly, shampoo your hair with Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable. after shampoo your hair, you will have a soft hair. anda rasa dah cukup lembut? bagi saya belum lagi. after shampoo, take your Sunsilk Conditioner and massage through hair strands, concentrating more on the ends and leave for 1 minute. rinse off. and the result, you will gain 3x softer hair.


so, apa tunggu lagi, sila-lah ke Watson berhampiran rumah anda dan dapatkan promotion pack bagi yang first user dan yang sudah serasi dengan Sunsilk, rambut korang mesti cantik dan lembut kan? hehe.

oh ya! if you have a free time in weekends, you can pampered your hair with the complete set of Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable.

rinse conditioner out with cool water to greatly enhance shine.

Discover SUNSILK

Smooth & Manageable
Controls stubborn, flyaway hair.

Hair Problem: Hair that is weightless, always hard to manage or has a frizzy, flyaway problem.

Key Ingredients: Creamy youghurt energizers.

How It Works: Rich creamy yogurt formulation effectively nourishes and makes hair weighty for smoother hair that is easy to manage.

Results: Smooth and easy-to-manage hair, even stubborn flyaway hair falls back into place.


Reference: Sunsilk 1 min to great hair GLAM GUIDE

* all assignment already submitted. its time to pampered my hair. olorhh bucuk-bucuk. hihi. :D

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