November 18, 2009

SUNSILK STYLE curls & waves bounce

curls & waves bounce

inginkan rambut bergelombang yang menawan? gunakanlah SUNSILK STYLE curls & waves bounce yang mengandunyi Beeswax yang akan memberikan anda rambut gelombang yang sungguh menawan! hasilnya... menakjubkan !

ok. now, we wanna share with you all if you got a long hair but you forgot to bring your rubber hair, scarf, stick for do bun hair and etc.

ok. if u got this long hair, mesti rimas kalau nak tunggu for 2 hours and more in the class dengan rambut yang dilepaskan tu, right? dont worry. we will solve your problem. :)

first, follow the picture above. do you know what we will use to do the bun hair?

tadaa! pen. yes! we used pen and if you follow our step, you can have the perfect bun hair. :)

second, spin your hair.

and then, 'putarkan' your hair like a picture above.

and the result will be like this. did you see the center of your hair circle?

put your pen in the circle, and then, 'kautkan' pen itu ke atas & cucuk menghala ke bawah.

siap! your hair will look like the picture above. feel comfortable kan? so, now you can give 100% attention in the class.

safe to try!


Putri Ramlan said...

yeap, akk tahy abt this product coz kwn akk pun guna. mmg BERKESAN! :-D

Afeeqa said...

yeayy! ada pengesan. see see, maknanya product nie memang cam best kan kak? adik pun dah beli shampoo & conditionernyer. :D

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